A World-Class Solution

Secure & Flexible Monetization Platform for Webmasters, Software Publishers & Distributors.

FileSpark will help you monetize your web traffic by paying you for generating downloads. Earn up to $3 per install.

The Right Technology For Your Audience

Pay-Per-Install technology built to simultaneously enhance your customer experience while improving your bottom-line revenues.

Powered by adaware, the leaders in security technologies, our entire monetization platform was built with three key elements in mind:


Easy to integrate for our Publishers and transparent to their users.

Intelligent Advertising

Highest quality offers & products displayed to the right users at the right time.

Strict Compliance Policies

Zero-tolerance AV flags policy – Clean, Safe & 100% Flag-Free Guaranteed.

Smart Advertising

Algorithms Built to Understand Your Audience Before Displaying an Offer.

We understand that your users are constantly solicited by ads & promotional offers that are too often untargeted and irrelevant.

Our offer intelligence takes this reality into consideration and utilizes several dozen variables to ensure your users are only seeing products with the utmost relevancy based on their individual needs as opposed to other advertising applications that solely focus on quantity over quality.

The result is an entirely client-centric solution that gives us a clear winning track record against our competition in A/B conversion tests.

Monetize My Downloads


Download Monetization is no longer complicated

We understand your development resources are already stretched thin and we’ve built all of our solutions with this in mind. With over 10 different ways to integrate FileSpark to your acquisition flow, we get you up and running faster and more efficiently than any other product on the market.

Whether you have a fully functioning Freemium strategy and are ready to boost your revenues or you’re just getting started making money online and just want to test the waters with a small portion of your traffic, Filespark allows you to start earning money for your app downloads within hours/days, not weeks/months.

Monetize My Downloads

All of the benefits, none of the drawbacks.

An entirely new approach to getting paid per install.

By focusing on security and user experience first, we’ve been able to eliminate all of the drawbacks historically associated with installation monetization. FileSpark works closely with Anti-Virus firms around the world to ensure that our products are always compliant, clean and clear of flags so that your customer experience remains as high as possible.

This policy also extends to our advertisers who are handpicked prior to joining our PPI marketplace. In addition to manually reviewing each software application, we also manually review each individual offer screen to ensure the best possible balance between CPI (average revenue per installation) and customer satisfaction.

Advertising within a software or an application should be easy, safe and should never by any means negatively impact your user experience. Let FileSpark help you deploy a traffic monetization strategy that will be accomplish just this.

Monetize My Downloads


Customize FileSpark to Your Audience, Not The Opposite.

Our app monetization strategies are not “one-size-fits-all”. We understand you have invested a lot of time and efforts to build your audience and nobody knows them better than you.

Take full control of our installation technology by deciding on which offers / advertisers are displayed, when they are shown, and more importantly, how they interact with your users. You can even custom tailor an individual offer screen by GEO or any of our hundred parameters to suit your respective campaign requirements.


Take Advantage of Powerful, Real-Time Performance Reporting.

Unlike many other PPI / Ad Networks out there that only show you how much you are earning per download, FileSpark gives you access to in-depth metrics so you can accurately monitor and optimize the progress of your ad campaigns.